real estate women's magazine long island GEM Magazine LIFor most families, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work. When you’re ready it’s important to have an experienced real estate professional handle the details involved in the successful sale of a home for top dollar.

As an experienced professional Realtor who has helped thousands of Capital Region residents sell their homes and other types of real property, Garry knows how to handle every aspect of the sales process – from strategically marketing and showcasing your home to making sure everything’s signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date.

Providing you with comprehensive, high-quality listing service is Garry’s top priority. So when you decide to sell your home, please contact DeGonza Realty and let’s get started!

A house that “sparkles” on the surface will sell faster than its shabby neighbor, even though both are structurally well maintained.

DeGonza Realty’s marketing efforts and considerations will include advertising, showing the property, how long the house has been on the market and whether you’re buying another home.

No matter how attractive and polished your house, buyers will be comparing its price with everything else on the market.